Is it all entirely from your imagination? The small intriguing details of the grand story that is yet to be revealed, have they been a part of the plan all along? Or were they conjured alongside, just as you were? I hope that one day, people will know about you. I have visions of large crowds surrounding and glimmering lights being shone upon us. Nothing is clear now, I have no inkling as to what shall take place in the following years. All I know is that, although we shall be separated sometime in the near future, you will forever be a part of me. Together, we shall conquer the monster I created, for without you I am my wound, and everyone knows that the wounded mustn’t fight. 

I look forward to witnessing the destruction of what we have created. I look forward to destroying you, as we become one. 

– Letter to Lula 

The pattern of the ocean is similar to that of my heart. Waves bearing the reflection of the sunshine exit my body in a centrifugal manner. They emit light as they open the wound, bursting through like a spear in reversed time.
As you came along, that very spear was stopped in its ascent through my chest, and the whole world turned. You gave me the same beauty I gave the world, and as a consequence of that, the wound was opened yet again. It will remain open until I expire, until my organs start to shut down, until I start to decompose. And the artificial light in which I stand will reveal nothing of it, not until the very last moment – the last blotch of paint splattered onto the only corner of the canvas that has remained white all this time. 
That moment, it will close up. The wound shall be closed, leaving only the conclusion behind.

– Letter to Lula  


EXPERIENCE: U is a conceptual program created by Nynne Termannsen and David Eliasson. Our aim is to create a conceptual space in which people from around the world can liberate themselves through different mediums of art. 
By exploring different themes such as the arts, sexuality, norms within society and one’s own individuality, we hope to push boundaries and take people out of their comfort zones with this program. 
Stay tuned for updates and news concerning this project. 
Takapuna Grammar fashion show w/ Lorde

Last night, going to Takapuna Grammar fashion show was an unusual experience for me. It’s not often I get to see the students along with the teachers all in one place outside of school. After waiting for my friend to arrive with the tickets we hurried in, got settled, only to find that I had left my cameras memory card inside my laptop at home. After making another similar and foolish mistake the day before at NZFW I was very annoyed with myself. (DOUBLE WHAMMY). Although the past few days of photography haven’t been the best of luck I’ve tried not to let that bother me.

With ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ as the general theme for the night the show started with old style (what could have been Doris Day) music to set the show to a lively mood. The show had begun.

Models (students) began to strut down the catwalk with a fun attitude and sense of humour which I found was a friendly touch to the show. They were wearing a mix of their own works from 2013 from all year groups and other local brands around NZ. This included COOP by Trelise Cooper, needles and threads, Frank Casey, Ruby, North beach and a whole load more.

What surprised me was the amount of skill and talent behind the works of the students. Amazing colours, varieties and experimental cuts along with fluid movements of vibrant fabrics. I thought most of these garments, especially from the younger pupils, topped the designer brands that were shown. This gave me a lot of faith in the soft technology department at school.
Hats off to the juniors!

After a brief interval the show kicked off with the most exciting aspect of the night, Lorde! As a past pupil of Takapuna Grammar we all recognised Ella which I imagine was a great feeling for her since her change and success she’s gained in the past year. It must be nice to see her old school mates and familiar faces.


She certainly entertained and I’m now more of a fan than before. She blew us away with her stunning vocals and her bright, printed outfit by Trelise Cooper. What amazed me with her live music, other than her voice, was the sharp sound effects that most people were familiar with from her more well-known tracks. But what impressed me the most was her drummer with his intense use timing and technique, he surely lifted the performance.

The students then carried on the show with more of their creative works from school.

With an awesome set of dancers to round up the end of the show all the staff/crew(more students) from backstage along with Lorde and the models took to the catwalk as the audience applauded. This was done very well. You could see a lot of thought went into the acts last night. I was well impressed.

Everything about the show was really well pulled off. I was surely struck by the amount of work and time that would have gone through the whole thing. My $20 was surely well spent and for a good cause too (starship hospital). I’d be happy to go again next year, even though tonight would be a hard night to follow next year.

Written by Adam Wheatley.

Live music for Lela Jacob’s winter 14 show ‘de’ preformed by Tzar Behemoth Live music for Lela Jacob’s winter 14 show ‘de’ preformed by Tzar Behemoth